Joe Meloni came to us needing a website designed that advertised his services as well as be a lead generation tool. With that in mind, we created http://cjspowerwashing.com/ to fulfill his needs. We also perform routine maintenance on all of his office computers and technology every few months.


Glenie Prior came to us needing to have a web presence for taking orders for his company M&P Custom Printing to sell t-shirts and other custom printed items online. We put together a new websitehttp://www.mandpcustomprinting.com to accomplish that goal. We also have this company on a maintenance service contract for all of their computers.

Grand Ave Crafters

The founder Carla Sequeira-Simmons needed to have a website and social media presence to sell her custom-crafted jewelry and other gift items. We put together a new websitehttp://www.grandavecrafters.com and a Facebook and Pinterest page to accomplish that goal. She also wanted us to create mobile apps for Android & Apple smartphones and tablet devices. We […]

Over the past 20 years since the Internet has grown and developed, crackers and hackers have gone about employing various ways to try to get inside your computer and possibly stealing valuable data from you for various reasons. From sending compelling fake emails that look like something that your bank would send with attachments usually installs […]